We Brought Back the Seminary Bells!



We leapt past our fundraising goal to repair the seminary bells! The work begins next month!

Update July 27, 2018:

With huge thanks to our neighbors, friends, alumni, and students, we are so pleased to announce that we blew past our goal of $50,000 and raised over $70,000 in a little over two months!! This will ensure that we can not only repair the automated system for the Geneva Hall bells, but also look at bringing the Montgomery Chapel system up to date, and ensure that we have a little left over for future maintenance.

Throughout the campaign, we continued to be blown away by the generosity of our community. We met our neighbors (and their dogs - hi Frankie & Melky!), we connected with local businesses (big thanks to Creekside Pizza & TapL'Appart Resto, and Embellish Marin!), and reengaged with alumni who had fond memories of the bells during their time here and wanted to ensure they kept ringing for generations to come. It truly was a win-win for everyone.

Now the real work begins. Bob Verdin, the sixth-generation owner of Verdin Bells & Clock Co, will be visiting us in August to take a look at the systems and begin the process to replace them. Any funds that continue to trickle in will go towards the future maintenance of both of our iconic bell towers, so that the beautiful sounds will continue to ring across the Ross Valley.

On behalf of the entire SFTS community and our neighbors, I thank you for your generosity.

In peace,
Marissa Miller
Director of Alumni Relations
415-451-2826 direct  |  mmiller@nullsfts.edu


May 10, 2018:

Our bells were generously donated by Captain and Mrs. Robert Dollar in 1922, and originally placed on top of Montgomery Hall. In 1953, they were moved to Geneva Hall's new bell tower, where they have proclaimed the hour ever since.

Last year, the antiquated computer system that automates the hourly bell ringing stopped functioning, and we found it was badly in need of replacement. In our small town, the seminary's iconic bells have lifted the spirits and brought peace to our neighbors and friends.

Meet Carl Modo, the seminary's bell ringer. From a long line of bell ringers, he learned the family trade at his grandfather's knee. Sadly, due to budget cuts, the seminary has had to let Carl go.

In an effort to rally the community in support of Carl, a small group of SFTS students wrote, planned and filmed a video documenting the challenges facing Carl as he struggles to find purpose in a post-bell world. They hope the documentary will both endear the community to Carl, and inspire them to help #BringBacktheBells.

The documentary, The Bell Ringer in a Post-Bell World, is now at the center of a viral crowdfunding campaign on GiveCampus —its goal, to raise $50,000—the amount needed to repair the historic bells.

Press Kit

Thank you for your interest in our #BringBacktheBells Campaign!

For all press inquiries, please contact:
Marissa Miller, Director of Alumni Relations
415.451.2826 | mmiller@nullsfts.edu

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Bring Back the Bells Fundraiser Launch Event

Bring Back the Bells Fundraiser Launch Event