Atop the Mountain


Sunday, December 1, 2019

Atop the Mountain
Isaiah 2:1-5

What might it be like to get away for a bit? I’m reminded of that commercial that invited us to consider that very question. “Wanna get away?” Lately, my answer is YES!

I think many of us would like to journey beyond the daily grind – the modern inconveniences of endless babble; the live-streaming of everything all at once; the impact of other people’s privileges and the comforting them because of their guilt of it – the obstacles that seemingly accompany every simple task or magnum opus. Some days I feel just on the edge of whelm, looking down at the line that separates functionality and me.

I know I’m not alone. It’s challenging to not be concerned about what tomorrow might bring … or not bring. We can’t help but hear the tales of corruption or apathy. We are living the repercussions of our collective disregard for Creation and humanity – our disregard assigned and acknowledged by millions of definitions of it while fingers point to everywhere but home.

So where might I/we go knowing that the roundtrip necessarily means a return to the daily grind? Here, at the beginning of Advent, mustn’t we all be anticipating something better for us, the ones we love, and the estranged ones? We settle in to hopefulness, no longer looking downward but with a heavenward gaze.

It seems that through God’s unfailing love we can look forward to going to a place atop the mountain – a place to dwell in God’s justice and peace. There will be no need for commercials or balance sheets. Equity will be normative. There will be clarity and cooperation.

No obstacles.
No competition.
No war.

Guided by God’s light – let us go atop the mountain.

Rev. Ruth T. West
MDiv 2012, DASD 2013, CTSC 2017
Associate Director of Advanced Pastoral Studies
Graduate School of Theology at University of Redlands
Home of San Francisco Theological Seminary