Alumni-Admissions Liaison Volunteer Program

"Appreciate every single moment and opportunity that you get here [at SFTS], because it goes by quickly…” were the words of wisdom that AALV member, Rev. Richard Poole, shared with prospective students during the recent AALV training workshop on campus.

A group of eight alumni ranging in graduation years from 1970 to 2015 with degrees spanning MDiv, DASD, and DMin gathered at SFTS in late July to participate in the first training program aimed at alumni recruitment and admissions volunteers.

Led by Marissa Miller, Director of Alumni Relations, these volunteers lent their time, their voices, and their experiences to the admissions team in hopes of coming up with new and innovative ways to attract prospective students to SFTS. Workshop sessions included a lead generation brainstorm, training on how to conduct an admissions interview, how to represent SFTS at a recruitment event such as a grad fair, and each day culminated in a fun and casual evening reception attended by faculty, faculty emeriti, and staff.

“Through volunteerism in the recruitment process, alumni have a lasting impact on their alma mater by helping some of the country’s best and brightest seminary students discover how they can achieve their personal and professional goals at SFTS."

“Listen to your heart, and let go of fear…” advised Rev. Stephanie Ryder, AALV member, “I couldn’t do the job I’m doing today without my [MDiv] degree from San Francisco Theological Seminary.”

AALV Program:

Alumni Ambassadors are important to SFTS’ admissions recruitment efforts as they meet individually with potential applicants, staff college/seminary fairs, and host local receptions for admitted and entering seminary students. AALV members not only share their experiences and information about SFTS, but also help to personalize the admissions process for seminary candidates each year. SFTS AALV members are a group of proud alumni who serve as enthusiastic ambassadors to prospective seminary students and families in all 50 states and across the globe.

Transform a Life:

Join the SFTS Alumni-Admissions Liaison Volunteer program and transform a life through the ministry of Christ.

MOTIVATE: Identify and recruit tomorrow’s pastors.
CONGRATULATE: Send congratulatory letters.
CELEBRATE: Host receptions for new students.
COMMUNICATE: Mentor students as they matriculate.

Alums benefit too! Members of the AALV program will be able to connect to SFTS in new and meaningful ways – some will find an opportunity to serve the alumni body in leadership roles, while others will enjoy the occasions to connect and network with fellow graduates.


Qualified AALV program members will be invited to attend a two-day training event on campus at SFTS.

Contact Marissa Miller to volunteer for AALV.



Marissa Miller, Associate Director of Alumni and Community Relations | 415.451.2826